Service (solution)

  • Training


    Continuous learning is an effective means for improving the quality and ability of employees. The primary task of factory improvement is to boost the quality of employees. Therefore, supplying effective training courses and assessments will lay a solid foundation for the development of the company.

  • Sustainability


    According to the requirements of factories, we provide comprehensive services. Our principle: Solely supplying services to these devoted factories that take actions to boost their management efficiency through the implementation of system management certification.

  • Perfection management system

    Perfection management system

    The improvement of factory management is a popular topic pursued by leading companies. Based on the specific circumstances, the applicable improvement plan is customized, the improvement effectiveness is verified, and the management plan is adjusted for continuous improvement.

  • Intelligence network

    Intelligence network

    Nowadays, in the upsurge of Industry 4.0, it is a trend for factories to establish intelligent network. Therefore, it is a passport for business success to develop intelligent network.

  • Comprehensive management

    Comprehensive management

    To meet the management needs of manufacturers, providing regular diagnostic reports and adapting the improvement plan in a timely manner, and establishing a long-term strategic partnership with the development of manufacturers.

  • Verification supply management

    Verification supply management

    A sound supply chain is the prerequisite to ensure long-term and stable supply of qualified products and services. And the implementation of external verification on the supply chain is an effective monitoring tool and mechanism.